Summer Exhibition 2016 | Showcase for Young Masters: + Gallery Artists

27 June - 9 July 2016

Royal Opera Arcade Gallery

5B Pall Mall Street, St. James’ s
London, SW1Y 5UY


The Cynthia Corbett Gallery will open its summer exhibition at the Royal Opera Arcade Gallery in the heart of London’s St. James’ with a showcase for Young Masters.


Young Masters is The Cynthia Corbett Gallery’s not-for-profit initiative that gives a platform to both emerging and established artists who pay homage to the skill and innovation of the Old Masters.


The Young Masters exhibition showcase will include new works by Fabiano Parisi, Elise Ansel and Lluís Barba, as well as works by Isabelle Van Zeijl, Jongjin Park, Matt Smith, Shane Wolf, Amy Hughes, Claire Partington, Lottie Davies, Oliver Jones, Charles Moxon, Jo Smith,  Elizabeth Caren, Yigal Ozeri, Chris Antemann and Anne-Francoise Couloumy.