Focus on the Female : @ The Exhibitionist Hotel




Dr Chris Blatchley

A dedicated Patron of the Arts levelling up the recognition of women in the arts establishment, Dr Chris Blatchley has been generously supporting Young Masters with the Emerging Woman Art Prize in 2017 and the Emerging Woman Artist Award in 2019. He is very pleased to be continuing this support in 2021 with a series of Focus On The Female awards.

In his professional life he has always wanted to inject new and fresh thought and set up Health Unlimited (now called Health Poverty Action) in the 80s after working with Médécins Sans Frontières in Afghanistan. He is now primarily spending his time researching ground-breaking treatments for migraines at his clinic, The London Migraine Clinic.


Brownhill Insurance Group

Once again Brownhill Insurance Group are very proud to be sponsoring this Young Masters initiative with Cynthia Corbett Gallery. The relationship with the Gallery goes back several years and Young Masters is an initiative that is close to Brownhill’s ethos and values. 

This year’s Young Masters initiative sees Brownhill and Cynthia Corbett Gallery team up again for Focus on the Female. This curation highlights women artists and shows the best of their creative practice. With society slowly starting to open up, what better way to celebrate our new freedoms than visiting this amazing gallery and supporting this worthwhile initiative.

Dr Virginie Lerouge Knight

Originally from France, Dr Virginie Lerouge Knight is an artist who has spent more than 25 years living and working in China. Dr Lerouge Knight has generously supported the Young Masters 2019 with a Young Masters Lerouge Knight Art Award, for cross-cultural awareness. Dr Lerouge Knight exhibited extensively in China, Hong Kong and France and specializes in public art projects and installations. Drawing on both her artistic and scientific background, Dr Lerouge Knight is passionate about pushing the boundaries of artistic innovation both conceptually and technically with a strong interest in cross-cultural themes, drawing on her personal experiences of living and travelling extensively overseas.