Alissa Volchkova

Alissa Volchkova is a Franco-Russian designer and artist based in Paris. After several years of experience in architecture, she changed the scale of her projects to produce objects. Her work explores the industrial processes of production in a poetic way, revealing their uniqueness, and developing the potential of different materials, with a particular attraction for ceramics and glass.
In her series 'The Beautiful Unperfect - Wedgwood', Volchkova reimagines the objects of Wedgwood in an atempt to create a bridge between the past and the future, symbolising the human and environmental mutations through the process of making - imitating the life cycle. By carving progressively the plaster mould of the original vase, she transforms the vase until it disappears behind its new skin. The mould –  usually used for many years and never changing – is here progressively disintegrating. The industrial, predictable and repetitive process of moulding - normally used to make an infinite number of identical objects, is here paradoxically creating irregular and unique objects.