Jemima is from a large artistic family and grew up surrounded by art. After studying Russian BA degree at the University of Bristol, she spent a year training to be an actor in New York. Always keeping up with her painting, a few years ago she decided to take it on fully. Selected exhibitions and fairs include Soho Revue, Liliya Art Gallery, Artsy with Janet Rady, Eastwood Gallery, Moorwood Art, Petworth Fine Art and Battersea Affordable Art with Thomas Spencer. Jemima recently had a solo show ‘Into Euphoria’ at 54 The Gallery earlier this year and her work has since been in many private collections. Her work is currently on display at Home House, Marylebone. 



Her paintings explore an imaginary world: inspired by the beauty of nature, the works address a myriad of existential themes from the inescapable enchantment of memory and desire to the sensuality of love and the tribulations of loss. Though the work is evidently surreal, every view relates to an actual location, exploring insights to nature’s treasures through the power of perception, emotion, memory and desire. Predominantly centring around love and loss, she highlights their influence on the reinterpretation of emotional memory and how it is continuously evolving.