I paint women and their friendships. Women inspire me and I've had mainly female role models during my whole ltte. I create fe ale characters that live in beautiful and colourful places. Where they support each other and celebrate their existence and their bodies. Peacef ul situations where simple things like a picnic or a hug matter is what would like to have more In my own life. So paint them. 


In y twenties I started actively reflecting on who I am as a young women and how people around me shaped me while growing up. the me too movement was rising t
started a journal with incide nts that have been happening to me on a daily basis. hlngs that seemed nor al because am so used to them. When I started painting wanted to create a safe place where a journal of a young woman is full of colourf ul drawings and not notes that describe en following me shouting at me or intimidating me in any possible way.


However I question my femininity on a daily basis. I feel insecure about various topics. I question m whole mental health when feeling emotional. Or too bossy when I fight for something I believe in. I often struggle with the idea of having children and a family because deep down I somehow expect the whole weight being on my shoulders. I think three times about how men might interpret my outfits - even though I'm very much aware that can wear whatever want. As long as all those things go through my mind and the mind of my friends I will be painting women and their friendships.  - Dina Bukva