Christopher Riggio (b.1986) Montreal, Canada. Riggio completed his BFA in Sculpture at Concordia University in 2010 and obtained an MFA from the Royal College of Art in July 2017. Following his MA final show he had been selected for Wallpaper’s Graduate Directory of 2018 and soon began work as an assistant to ceramicist Martin Smith. In the past, he has had the pleasure of working alongside numerous ceramists and designers, including Hitomi Hosono and Robin Levien. Riggio joined de Waal’s team as a Studio Assistant in 2018.


He has devoted his practice to the legacies and inspiring accomplishments of those who have come before him and those who continue to align themselves fully to their practice working with clay. He considers the profound curiosity clay brings and its relevance in shaping new characteristics and unexplored categories of ceramics. Riggio is currently creating new display propositions for his evolutionary series Paste from his studio in Vanguard Court, Camberwell. Inspired by Lucio Fontana and the handicraft of Cartier, he has a perpetual desire to reconnect with a past metropolis through new material sophistication.


Christopher Riggio will be presented at Collect 2021 by Cyntthia Corbett Gallery.