The artist invites us to go on a journey through the human soul in which conversations, doubts and dreams merge in a search for love, happiness and truth.


Men's aspirations are present in complex and sensitive works of art, full of critical and revealing character. We are challenged to find out who we are, to open lost boxes, to see the darkest side of the human soul and, at the same time, to see the beauty that lies in the midst of the dirt that is within us.


Throughout this introspective adventure we seek but do not find, we come across pieces of ourselves, we dream within our own dreams, we visit the past in our memories and we find ourselves lost in the wind of our minds that come and go unannounced. Surrounded by so many symbols that refer to tears and pain, shed in the process of letting go and finding ourselves, the artist colours our world with traces of joy, faith and love, leaving a message of hope.


Eduardo has exhibited his works worldwide and is part of private collections in Brazil, Japan, US and Europe. The artist had a solo show in NY last year at Diane Von Furstenberg and is currently represented in galleries in Brazil, Miami and New York.