Everything is connected. Though we habitually think of ourselves as individuals, separate from each other and the world around us, we all are part of a larger story with shared worlds thriving within us. Benjamin M Johnson’s work reminds us of that connection. His photorealistic paintings weave together a myriad of subjects, including the natural world, art history, science, spirituality, and culture. He refers to his paintings as visual poems, each intended to create a moment of expanded perspective for the viewer. A moment of shifting consciousness away from a small sense of self. A moment of affinity.


Classically trained as an oil painter at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Benjamin uses time-honoured techniques of representation in a contemporary manner to nod to both the past and the present. The resulting works have shown in numerous gallery and museum exhibitions and are held in private collections throughout the US. He has been involved in a broad range of collaborative and curatorial projects, including 6&6, an art & science initiative based in the Sonoran Desert of the American Southwest where he lives and works.