Eliza Gosse’s paintings depict Australian Suburbia. Working within the canon of Australian artists who have debunked stereotypical suburbia through a “super flat” lens, Gosse comes to her painting from a design background having commenced architectural studies before transitioning to a Bachelor of Fine Art at the National Art School (2017).


Focusing upon post war architectural domesticity - Gosse’s paintings flaunt blocks of colour, reduced geometric forms and play off utopian architectural ideals with a nostalgic inflection.


In a time of rapid gentrification, increasingly unaffordability and rising inequality Gosse turns focus to design history. With the majority of the houses depicted now gone she questions our value assessment of past culture through the built environment. Her depictions of these buildings is not merely a love letter to this period of design but more so an attempt to posit such homes as an integral component of Australia and its national chronology.


Most recently, ​Gosse has been included as a finalist in some prestigious Art Prizes including the 2019 Young Masters Art Prize, the 2019 Ravenswood Female Art Awards and for the second year running in the Waverley Art Prize.