Like her self-proclaimed hero, the eccentric American potter George Ohr (1857–1918), Heidi Bjørgan challenges the notion of what a potter may be. One of Ohr’s goals was to never make two identical works. As a consequence, terms like «perfect» and «uniform» became meaningless.


The Yellow Collection is part of her series of consoles inspired by Dresden’s Zwinger Palace, Germany (built in Baroque style in 1709) and its architectural and inventory extravagances. Smaller ceramic jars (inspired by George Ohr) in various states of deformity are resting on top of the consoles. Forming an extension to its base, the jars erase the distinction between the object and the console that carries them, whereas the marriage of the two become a sculptural work where errors and imperfections contribute to their distinctive expressions.


Heidi Bjørgan’s work is represented in numerous of Museums such as the National Museum of Art, Oslo, KODE – Bergen Art Museum, The Museum of Decorative Arts, Trondheim, Sørlandets Art Museum, Norway, Collection of Queen Sonja of Norway, The Victoria and Albert Museum, London, well as in several private collections around the world.


She has also participated in international art fairs like NADA, Collect, and artgenève.