Tom Leighton

23 April - 22 May 2021
  • Tom Leighton is an artist, photographer and printmaker. Fascinated by the urban environment, he has photographed and worked with iconic and hidden architecture world-wide. He layers and manipulates images to build increasingly elaborate megastructures, asking how our cities will cope and change with expanding populations, and how these populations will live and move within these urban centres. He has photographed both ancient cities and the newest cities built on land reclaimed from the sea.


    Trained at the Royal College of Art, London, Leighton expertly manipulates images to allow us to imagine alternative cities of the present and the future. He seeks beauty in everything, from functional buildings to the most ornate architecture. He repeats motifs in unexpected places, repositions existing structures and contrasts the natural and the artificial: bright city lights set against natural night skies, concrete against greenery, business against eerie nighttime stillness.


    Leighton asks us to reconsider our cities, what they are and what they might become. He pushes us to notice the beauty inherent in these populated places, the architecture and our place within it. At once futuristic and reflective, Leighton’s work demands multiple takes.

  • City Constructs

    City Constructs

    City Contructs refers images across multiple series of works, each of which contains 100’s of elements from different cities, landscapes and architecture. Every aspect within the works has been photographed by Tom on his travels, and meticulously digitally constructed into his distorted realities of time and place.


    Artworks from these editions have been exhibited internationally and have been acquired by many large collections.

  • Tom Leighton, Bird’s Nest, 2017

    Tom Leighton

    Bird’s Nest, 2017
    C-Type Print / Perspex mounted & framed
    109 x 175.1 cm
    42 7/8 x 69 in.
    Edition of 5
  • Tom Leighton, Yas Marina, 2017

    Tom Leighton

    Yas Marina, 2017
    C-Type Digital Print, Perspex Mounted in Frame
    153.9 x 252.2 cm
    60.6 x 99.3 in.
    Edition of 5 plus 2 artist's proofs
  • Kynance


    'Kynance is an ongoing series which focusses on the extraordinary force of volcanic geology. In this landscape we are confronted with rare evidence of the colossal pressures which once created the surface of the earth. I am finding that lockdown has, for me, forced a shift of focus. While environmental and political change accelerates at an unprecedented rate, I am now looking at transformations which happened over a very different timescale. These images feature a terrain which would seem to be immutable, belying its turbulent and explosive past. The rock formations demonstrate a manifestation of the planet’s physical history: times of stability veined with turbulent change, fault lines which can be seen as a metaphor for our current human landscape.'

  • Building Constructs

    Building Constructs

    Building Constructs is a series of work focused on individual buildings, their architectural form and defining features, accentuating these elements through distortion and manipulation. This allows a freedom from concern for logistics and practicality, but the images are nevertheless a tribute to the minds that go into creating functioning superstructures, a celebration of the boundaries being pushed by the evermore gravity-defying architecture of the world.


    Buildings Constructs has received multiple awards and critical acclaim including:
    1st Place in the Tokyo International Foto Awards
    1st Place in the Fine Art Photography Awards 
    Honourable Mention in the Prix De La Photographie Paris

    • Tom Leighton, Tokyo Building, 2020
      Tom Leighton, Tokyo Building, 2020
    • Tom Leighton, City Hall Building, 2020
      Tom Leighton, City Hall Building, 2020
    • Tom Leighton, Abu Dhabi House Building, 2020
      Tom Leighton, Abu Dhabi House Building, 2020
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