Skin Deep exhibition at Berrington Hall | Oliver Jones

Meadow Arts & National Trust, June 2, 2020

From Saturday 14 March, discover our new exhibition in partnership with Meadow Arts, where artist Oliver Jones investigates society's obsession with beauty and perfection in an impressive series of large-scale pastel drawings.


We have been working in partnership with Meadow Arts to present a new exhibition by Oliver Jones which can be found on the ground floor of the mansion from 14 March to 10 May. 


Skin Deep is a series of large-scale pastel drawings that touch on issues of self-obsession and self-esteem, illustrating a contemporary quest for beauty and perfection often in the form of plastic surgery, skin treatments and body modification. 



Coronavirus Statement | meadowarts


The Skin Deep exhibition at Berrington Hall is currently closed due to the ongoing Coronavirus health crisis. National Trust has closed its indoor spaces to keep visitors, staff and volunteers safe and we support their decision.


Skin Deep was due to close in May, so we're looking at extending the end date into the summer/autumn - there should be a chance to see it once things have settled down. Keep safe and follow the guidelines when you are out and about.