Cynthia Corbett Gallery in FT Weekend

Melanie Gerlis, FT Weekend, April 30, 2022

How great was to come home to in grey London after the brilliance of light & art in Venice and read about our Focus On The Female: London Art Fair Edit curation in the latest issue of FT weekend! I am immensely grateful to my favourite paper and the extraordinary Melaine Gerlis of Life & Arts, who I never tire of reading whether featured or not. The pink paper has a lot of history in my home and life and very proud to have been featured in Financial Times both in my current art life and my previous life as an international economist specialising in emerging markets. This mention of Cynthia Corbett Gallery is especially important to me as we started our art fair journey at London Art Fair nearly 20 years ago and this year’s curation was particularly timely. As ever, Melanie spotted one of the youngest artists featured, the brilliant ceramicist Freya Bramble-Carter, and the oldest Irish painter Tuëma Pattie, and writes a brilliant column giving attention to well known famous artists and emerging Talent. Please read the excerpt of the column below.

"LAF’s museum partner was The Women’s Art Collection, owned by Murray Edwards College, Cambridge, which displayed works by the likes of Paula Rego, Tracey Emin and Linder. [...]. Cynthia Corbett Gallery brought only women artists, ranging from swift-selling ceramics by 30-year-old Freya Bramble-Carter (from £675) to an oil painting by the octogenarian Tuëma Pattie (£4,000)," – 
Gerlis writes. (c) FT Weekend.