Freya Bramble-Carter is a London based ceramics artist, known for creating contemporary designs, strongly inspired by the ethos of beauty and nature. Freya combines her lifestyle, work and enjoyment in one and tries to live in the most true and authentic way she can learning and expanding on a personal level as well as professionally in this art form.

Before studying fine art at Chelsea College of Arts Freya learned the craft of clay under her father’s guidance (Chris Bramble), and then through teaching, but enjoys the process of ‘unlearning’ the rules when it comes to making her own pieces. Having always felt a strong physical connection to the clay she works with, Freya believes in creating pieces with soul, that inspire and become a source of energy in the home.

Freya’s work ranges from fine homewares including plates and bowls to sculptural pieces for the home and garden.


Applying her talent to artisan glazes and handcrafting unique silhouettes, Freya's limited edition pieces are designed to elevate the details of your home or act as the perfect go to for a thoughtful gift.