Anne-Françoise Couloumy

Highly-acclaimed French painter who has been called by the French Press - La Hopper Française.


Anne–Françoise Couloumy was born in 1961 in Paris and  began to paint as a young child. It was a game, a simple pleasure; an escape. At 19, she decided to make her career as an artist and by the age of 23 she was already well engaged in the great adventure of being one.


Upon completion of her studies at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs, she proceeded to show her work in France, where she rapidly gained recognition. Her first show, in a Parisian gallery in 1994, was a huge success. Since then, she has enjoyed sell-out shows from Paris to London to New York and her artwork currently hangs in collections world-wide.


A Couloumy painting is much more than just a painting. The intimacy, attention, light and the serene silence are reminiscent of Vermeer, Balthus and Hopper. Nonetheless, Couloumy is nobody's student and has no mentor. She doesn't fit in any particular school of painting and her work is timeless, classical and contemporary.  There is an air of mystery that surrounds her work - which suits the artist as she has little time for endless explanation and analysis of the work she does.