Nature Is Speaking – Julia Roberts is Mother Nature – by Conservation International (CI)

Deborah Azzopardi's artwork Mother Nature (2021) was created for a limited edition exclusive prints to benefit Conservation International. The artist was inspired by 'Nature is Speaking' film series, created in collaboration with Oscar-winning actress and producer Julia Roberts.

'A strongly placed female hand with painted red fingernails lays open whilst delicate but perfect Red Rose petals fall gently into it representing love. The same hand is simultaneously birthing a large blue tsunami of water giving life, and feeding essential nutrients into the planet that we are lucky enough to call home.

The skyline is saturated with a warm yellow hue giving the rugged mountains distinction whilst they echo an indestructible and powerful presence. The mountains are juxtaposed with two white Calla Lily’s representing peace - beautiful, fragile, and exquisite flowers standing tall, cushioned by their vivid emerald green leaves.

All are a sentiment to the purity of life and the beauty that is vigorous with undeniable fragility which ‘Mother Nature’ holds in the palm of her hand.

Together this is a reminder that if she inhales, you inhale. If she exhales, you exhale. If she stops breathing, you stop breathing.

She is the force that makes the wind sing, she is the essence that makes your senses ignite. She is dusk, she is dawn, she is everything you know. She is ‘Mother Nature’.' – Deborah Azzopardi