A true and sincere short documentary focussing on international acclaimed artist Isabelle Van Zeijl. The short documentary captures the story on her creative journey in the making of her art. Van Zeijl speaks about the importance and influence of beauty in our lives and how it became her life purpose. She explains the positive impact of her work on people and the sustainable vision behind her photographic fine art series created with the most beloved and depicted flower in the world, the Rose. The flower of love, gratitude and appreciation.

Watch how Isabelle Van Zeijl collaborates with Dutch rose grower VIP roses and Florist Paul Wijkmeijer to find, grow and select the most beautiful roses for her next piece of art. This documentary will take you on a journey to experience for mind blowing power of beauty.”

All Roses by @vip_roses.
Flower arrangements @paulwijkmeijer
Filmed and directed by @tomvideocontent