Travels with Tuëma Pattie | Artsy Viewing Room

November 26, 2020

We feel very fortunate that we were able to present our key offline exhibition of the autumn, dedicated to Irish-born, Sussex-based woman artist Tuëma Pattie (b. 1938) directly before strict Government measures were instituted. We would like to thank all our supporters, curators, collectors as well as the wonderful friends and family of Tuëma Pattie: your individual visits and the conversations we had were priceless. We were particularly overwhelmed with the positive international response, the attention of the Irish community (including the visit of The Irish Ambassador) and the critical acclaim the exhibition has received.


The offline exhibition has ended on an incredibly high note, however, the retrospective is by all means not over. We invite you to enjoy the curation online in our Viewing Room on Artsy.