Artnet News | British Artist Deborah Azzopardi’s Playful Pop Fantasies Are Now on View in a New London Exhibition

Artnet News, June 16, 2020

The show at Cynthia Corbett Gallery is on view online and in person by appointment.


Red lips, stilettos, and comic-book-style thought bubbles define the work of artist Deborah Azzopardi, who has been infusing her works with a decidedly feminine language for over 35 years. 

Now, London’s Cynthia Corbett Gallery is presenting “35 Years of Azzopardi,” a major retrospective of her work that will include a number of her most famous pictures, on sale for the first time.

The works are humorously sexualized, provocative, and full of art-historical references to Manet’s OlympiaFragonard’s The Swing, and many other works. The artist’s recognizable style is reminiscent of Roy Lichtenstein, but her lines are more curvilinear and pointedly sensuous. 


The style has won her some impassioned fans. “America has Lichtenstein, we have Azzopardi!” the art critic Estelle Lovatt once remarked. “Sometimes you just want to curl up under a blanket. With a good book. A piece of chocolate. A man. This is what Deborah Azzopardi’s pictures make me feel like doing.”

For the exhibition, Azzopardi will be donating 20 percent of the sales proceeds from a selection of works to the British Friends of the Art Museums of Israel. 


See images from “35 Years of Azzopardi” below.


Deborah Azzopardi, Secretive (2004). Courtesy of Cynthia Corbett Gallery.


Deborah Azzopardi, Delaying Technique (2016). Courtesy of Cynthia Corbett Gallery.



Deborah Azzopardi, Secretive (2004). Courtesy of Cynthia Corbett Gallery.