Stylist | See The Art Of Celebrity

Stylist, February 3, 2016

In the run up to Deborah Azzopardi’s forthcoming showcase at The Cynthia Corbett Gallery Summer Exhibition (27 June to 9 July) – here is Cynthia Corbett talking to Stylist magazine about the recent Avedon Warhol show at Gagosian.

Such is the enduring influence of Avedon and Warhol, today’s art world would like very different without them. “There would be no Banksy. There would be no Damien Hirst” explains Cynthia Corbett, founder of her eponymous gallery in London “They created the celebration of celebrity and commented on the phenomenon in a sometimes dark, sometimes controversial – but always visually appealing – way.  What’s going to be interesting for visitors is that they’re not only going to be hugely entertained by the art works, but, they’re going to get a history lesson.”