Giggs Kgole

Kgole’s works are an exposition of the interplay between the identities of people living in rural Limpopo and the world which they inhabit. The artist grew up in a Limpopo village,South Africa and tells vivid human stories about the experiences of people who live there.They are stories that are untold to an urban audience, to whom rural South Africa is a hidden landscape. They tell tales of struggle, of abandonment, of promises broken and dreams deferred. They speak of resilience in the face of everyday injustice, of resistance through the simple act of living.

Kgole’s work is typified by his use of Anaglyphs, whereby two versions of his composite photographic images are printed in different colours (typically blue and red) onto canvas. A technique called Anaglyphing of which was used in films in the 1850s, Kgole brings back to life in his masterpieces to tell Untold African Stories. Kgole is also a multi Award Winning young master who was recently named as one of the Mail & Guardian Top 200 Young South Africans, he is widely collected in Africa, Italy, France, London and Privately collected in Monaco. Completing his 6 month artist residency with Undiscovered-Canvas in France in 2019, he hopes to keep moving and inspiring people through his story journey through life.